Goya Foods CEO faces criticism for praising President Trump


The first amendment to the constitution provides for freedom.  To issue a boycott for a person praising the POTUS is an offense by an elected official’s obligation of allegiance to the legal order, and the intent and action to violate that obligation moves towards an act of treason.  AOC‘s  request to boycott an essential business (food) during a pandemic is a breach of allegiance to the people and faithful support of ALL US citizens.

The mere fact that you do not like a President (republican) is your prerogative, but it is not your place to wield your position’s popularity to denounce others who support a fully legally electorate.  Democratic Party leaders are out of control in their desperation to win an election, and their care for the people is a backseat to their concern to old the top job.  If Mexican based stores do not sell and move products (Goya) guess who will be the ones to loose their jobs?

A Goya boycott is a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a right to speak.  AOC is shooting the Latin community in the foot, throwing the baby out with the bath water, cutting off the nose to spite the face,…   AOC is not employing common sense for LatinX.   All I know is that keep my beans coming Goya, ’cause I am with you.