Biden Thanksgiving Day speech 2020

Around 16:40 minutes into Biden’s Thanksgiving Day ‘Hypocrisy’ speech he executes a typical uninformed foot in mouth trying to read a bible verse.  The bolded words are what I belive […]

Reasonable CYNICISM on the 2020 Presidential Race

The least exciting Presidential candidate in US history receives 81,255,933 votes, the most in US history. The most criticized President in 100 years receives 74,196,153 votes, the 2nd most in US […]

This Is Joe Biden

Anyone paying the remote amount of attention should be able to see that Joe Biden is seriously on the wrong side of a civil society. Even when he describes his […]

JFK: The Smoking Gun

I was 11 years old when JFK was murdered and if the natiion had reported this evidence based detail then, I would have far greater faith in government than I […]